Goias AgroEnergy

Company founded in December, 2007

CNPJ: 09.268.660/0001-22

Goias Office:

Rua Eng Rabelo Qd 47 lt 1 - Abadiânia - GO

+55(62) 3343-2300

Executive Director Contact:

Av. Rio Branco, 181 Sala 1.707 Centro - RJ
RIO DE JANEIRO, CEP:20.040-918

TEL.: +55(21) 2219-6452 OU +55(21) 7861-8418


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Agro-energy Output Focus

  1. Ethanol from Sugar Cane

  2. Electrical energy from Biomass

Special Characteristics

Each Plant will have its own output of Biodiesel to supply its own fleet of tractors and trucks.

Number of Plants

5 (to be completed by 2015)

100% Sugar Cane owned and planted by Goias AgroEnergy in leased lands

100% Mechanical Harvesting – Without burning

Milling start-up of the first plant:

October 2011

These Principles represent our business vision, guide our activities and must be followed by our staff and our outsourced staff in their relationships with our company:

  1. Total Transparency in our activities;

  2. Absolutely no child labor;

  3. Absolutely no slave labor;

  4. We have a long term vision for the company, and therefore our project has a Payback of around 10 years;

  5. We apply and practice the best precepts of corporate governance, with total transparency in our actions;

  6. We demand and practice the best principals of environmental preservation in all of our business, if some of our activity presents any damage to the environment, it should be compensated with appropriate actions;

  7. We value the communities where we do business. In such a way, we feel ourserves stimulated to develop social inclusion programs such as: to privilege local inhabitants in our hiring of employees, to promote the integration between community and the company through specific events, implementation of daytime childcare, special education for staff members, etc.

Basic Management Principles

In November of 2007, this man began to work with us collecting samples of soil.  At that time, he didn´t know how to read or write even his own name.

A month later, with the help of our literacy programs, Delco has already written his first words.  We see the happiness in his face and it gives us a lot of joy.

Current share situation

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More than words, Action!